Privacy policy

Privacy policy

In this privacy policy, which applies to all Castanea Old Town Hostels guests, we give you information how we handle your personal data when you visit our web sites, book your stay at Castanea, stays at Castanea as a guest or with your other contacts with us.

Responsibility for your personal information

Castanea Bed & Breakfast AB, company reg. No. 556705-9679, is responsible for the personal data collected and processed by Castanea Old Town Hostel.

If you provide information to any of our partners (for example, booking accommodation), these partners will be responsible for your personal information in their booking system.

Acceptance of Castanea’s privacy policy

By using Castanea’s services, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our processing of your personal information. You also agree that Castanea uses electronic communications channels to send information to you.

In order to offer you Castanea’s services, such as offers, bookings or confirmations, we need to process your personal information as below. We do this with the utmost respect of your integrity.

Collection of personal data by Castanea

You can directly or indirectly provide us with information about yourself in a variety of ways, such as when you send us an e-mail with a request, when booking online, by phone or e-mail, or confirming a purchase on our website, when you contact us, stay here or use any of Castanea’s services where you provide personal information.

• Personal and contact information such as name, social security number, passport or ID number, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, nationality etc.

• Information about what you bought / booked with us.

• Financial information: Credit card number, payments

• Historical information: Your purchase, payment and credit history.

Why does Castanea process your personal information?

Once you have submitted personal information to us at Castanea, we use this information for these purposes and with the support of the legal basis stated below

Purpose of the use of your personal informationOur legal basis for this purpose is

In order to handle your booking and administration of your booking

The reservation you made is an agreement that constitutes the legal basis, and is necessary for us to comply with our contractual obligations and fulfill the agreement with you, eg. so that we can book rooms for you and get paid.
In order to handle questions and issuesIt is our legitimate interest, which is the legal basis, and processing is necessary to assist you with questions from you as a guest at Castanea.
In order to send marketing and personal direct marketing through different media such as e-mail, text, mail or social mediaThe processing of the data is based on our legitimate interest of marketing.
For customer analysis and statistics, as a basis to make updates and improvements to our services and the technical functionality of our systemsThe legal basis is our legitimate interest in being able to make updates and improvements of our services and technology.
In order to be able to fulfil the company’s obligations under law (eg. law on registration of foreign guests), relevant authority’s decisions, accounting requirements or tax lawThe legal basis is to be able to fulfil our legal obligations by law.

Personal data we may share

Castanea only shares your personal data when this is a legal requirement or otherwise as permitted by law.  In some cases, we may use a Data processors, which we may share your information with, such as

  • Transport companies (for example, when ordering a taxi to you),
  • Companies handling payment solutions (credit card companies, banks and other payment service providers)
  • Suppliers in marketing and IT services (companies that manage operations, technical support and maintenance of our IT solutions).

In such cases, we have a Data processors agreement that ensures that there are security measures to protect your personal data.

We strive to process your personal information within the EU / EEA countries. However, in some situations, personal data may be transferred to, and processed in, countries outside the EU / EEA by the supplier or subcontractor. In this case, this will be done according to highly demanding requirements and agreements.

Time for saving personal data and security for your data

We save your personal data as long as the information is required to comply with the law and agreements. At Castanea, your personal information is handled in accordance with specific security measures to protect your personal data from illicit or unlawful access to the information.

Your rights of access, rectification and deletion

To get access to your personal data processing, you are entitled to request access to your information through a registry extract. If we receive a request from you, we may request additional information to ensure that we provide the information to the correct person. A request for registrations must be signed in writing from you.

You are also always entitled to request that your personal information be corrected.

You may request the deletion of your information to the extent that it complies with applicable law and in accordance with agreements entered into with you. In some cases, Castanea cannot meet your request for deletion, if the data is required to comply with applicable law. Your personal information may not be processed for direct marketing or profiling if you oppose such processing.

Complaints and supervisory authorityIf you feel that we have processed your personal information unlawful, you can always contact us at Castanea. Datainspektionen (the supervisory authority) is responsible for supervision under data protection legislation. Anyone who considers that there is an incorrect handling of personal data may make complaints to the Datainspektionen.


Our goal is to always provide you with simple and accurate information about how we use your personal information. At Castanea, our guests’ privacy is important to us and you will be safe when you submit your information to us. If you have questions about how we use your personal information, please contact us: E-mail:

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