Carbon offset

Accommodation with carbon offset

For a hostel the use of energy is a great part of the hostels environmental impact. Castanea’s energy use consists of heating and electricity. We try hard to be efficient in use of energy. In addition to that, we compensate the carbon dioxide emissions our energy use cause.

Climate compensation means that we invest in projects that reduce carbon dioxide emissions somewhere in the world. Castanea’s climate compensation 2011 is made in a project from ZeroMission:

Tree planting in Chiapas, Mexico Certifikat från Zeromission As the trees grow, they take up large quantities of carbon dioxide, which makes climates benefits. Environmental benefits are also gained by counteracting deforestation and to thereby improve resilience and biodiversity. In addition, the trees improve the welfare of local small-scale farmers by providing fruit, firewood and timber. Plan Vivo certifies the project.

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